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I got a pack of gum in my pocket
Just in case my breathe smell like hot shit

[Verse 1]
I got 9 voice-mails in this bitch, unh
Don't give a hell in this bitch, unh I'm hollin'
Lemme be frank, I can't
I'm Ramone, to a Degree I'm under arms
Kinda underground, But see I go over they heads um
Watch these niggas try to body me cuz I'm ahead some
Baby girl trying to get with me and hold my hand some
I say "what the fuck I look like?", and she say handsome
Really Ramone? Yo rhymes hot dog, but its chilly Ramone
Trying to relish in the moment
Homie out here going off, yea I'm on it
Say we balling in this bitch, I'm trying to get the ball rolling
Y'all know it bro, is you Kelly Rowland with us?
Is you going with us, suit and bow-tie shit, you trying to Tae Bo it?
Yea, Take 5, man hurry
Niggas show up in a sick ass whip, all hurly like

5 more minutes unh
Just gimmie 5 more minutes
Homie I need 5 more minutes
About 5 more minutes
Can you come back in 5 more minutes
About 5 more minutes
Man I think I need 5 more minutes
So give me 5 more minutes

[Verse 2]
Unh you ain't dealing with no amateur
I spit the illest manicure, you better point ya camera there
Bra, the shirt don't match the shoe
So I guess I'm just a fruit for the way I got em paired up
Eating beats in the studio, Dope dishes like Rubio
The engineer is broccoli
The simile is stupid yo, other niggas corny
If they try to pull my Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm legalizing sodomy
Nigga, Ass fucking?
What I'm saying is these niggas is ass, so fuck em, I still Love em
I try and show another way but they staying in the dope game, now tell me whats a brother to do?
Remember bragging bout money and convertible coup?
Oh yea, they still do that?
I guess I gotta double back and murder the booth, my niggas smoke filled organs
Sitting on the base, and they laying on the horn man

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