Paroles: Ethanol

I was chipping
I be tripping
Pimpin, kicking it in the back seat
Living like a legend
I be sipping up like a flask piece
I don't got no phone number
Baby, no, don't ask me
I don't want your hoe, brother, I'm too busy ashin'
Young white trash
Your bitch tryna catch me
Earnhardt, you in the race but you gone end up crashing
Ambulance is flashing
Way to check the flag piece
Then he try to take my spot but can't nobody pass me

Ain't a motherfucker finna test me
Wanna pull it out, bitch you go bye-bye
So long, auf wiedersehen, See you in the next lifе
Your bitch, she watching me
Hoes seem to bе jocking me
But it's ok
Good under pressure no time for no lecture
But ain't no one stopping me
Bitch what you mean, I got these windows they tinted
No, no, no, no, you can't see inside of it
She want me inside of it
I'm barely living but bitch I'm minding my business
No, no, no, no
I cannot go wild for you
Pussy I look down for you
Get it on my lonesome
Check gone and roll some
El, let me hold some
Caught a ticket, cash on me
Hit you like you stole some
Never tell me hold on
I can't wait for nobody
Time waits for no one

Pop the trunk, let it out
Iced out like Fedorov
Used to smoke that shit that leave the whip
Smelling like ethanol
Team at my beck and call
Feels like I'd do the same, bitch
Someone in my circle need some shit then I arrange it
Banging all my new shit
I can't do no wrong, boy
No matter the price, no I will not do no song, boy
Diamonds in the bezel
Pedal to the metal
None of my bitches like rappers
All they slap is black metal

I do this shit so easily
She fall asleep, and dream of me
Don't step to me
I keep that heat
I keep a piece
Don't reach for me
You will lose a limb, bitch
Gold chains, platinum beat, but bleach white pimp, bitch
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