Paroles: When Tony Met Sosa

Ayo, you know every time I come back, my shit A1
Niggas be like, "Yo, ayo, you saved this rap shit"
I be like, "Nah, this rap shit saved me though"
(La música de Harry Fraud) Uh

When niggas said they need less trappers and more poets
I kept talkin' to hustlers that's more heroic
It's a difference when you rise out the ghetto, come back and grow it
The game broke my heart in three places, I never show it
Close my eyes and the voice in my eardrums tell me 'fore the Feds come
To turn these bread crumbs to a hedge fund
Y'all the type to change your life when niggas survive shootings
You made it out alive, retired, and drive Uber
I laugh at this whole shit, how I captured it so quick, yeah
I ran the field with the passion of old Vick
Y'all dumb niggas broke 'cause money and accidents don't mix
Trafficked my flow just like I'm back to my old tricks
Been a young legend, I caught flashes in '06
Buttons on the driver's side make the passenger door flip, yeah
I've been gettin' a little too accurate, I need new challenges
You know the rules, if you move backwards, then you do calendars
For street niggas, I'm the new catalyst, but who fathomed it?
My heroes in federal sweat suits and New Balances
What's the outcome for niggas like me? Where do I land?
I put a Prezi on my wrist when the streets forced my hand
Bumpin' into old beef in my city, we spinnin' blocks
There's pressure until we get the respect you give your pops
Can only name a few rhymers who had it like, "Dude got it"
Make a list, huh, and I'm on they heels like shoe polish
I let niggas talk all last year, I was too modest
Whole gang up and my safe stuffed like a Jew wallet
Uh, I pray for block boys who phones doin' fifteen hundreds
Just to turn the shit he pumpin' into crispy hundreds
Yeah, okay, we know it's rap, but don't forget we hustlers
And how we used to bag dope up on empty stomachs

Uh, the Butcher comin', nigga
Fuck niggas talkin' 'bout?
Every time I come back, my shit A1
That's why the niggas in the jails fuck with me
That's why them niggas in the offices fuck with me
Ayo, Fraud, this shit crazy
This nostalgic, nigga
Shit feel like when Tony met Sosa
Ah, this for my niggas, man
I been ten toes down, that's why my shit sound like this
I ain't make none of this up
Big Griselda, Black Soprano Family
The Butcher comin', nigga
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